Anitha PC

Consultant at QC Consulting Group

I attended the Mindfulness workshop conducted by Jyothi and was really amazed with the experience and power of meditating midst of real life noises. It was a great feeling to get introduced to Mindfulness from one of my best student Jyothi who is now a Mindfulness coach. Her calmness, her enduring love towards everything around her inspired participants in understanding the benefits of equanimity and joy of being in present. Mix of different fraternity people in the workshop also brought in interesting and thoughtful discussions. Great Going Jyothi. Best wishes. Keep inspiring people and spreading love!

Sathish C

Managing Director- Shunyata Learning Private Limited

I am indeed very glad to write this recommendation for Jyothi. We are associates working together on 'Mindfulness' workshop. Jyothi is not a preacher of knowledge but a dedicated and keen mindfulness practitioner. She has the ability to radiate energy with her calmness, grace and silence. Any person who is keen on learning what mindfulness is should really sit through her workshop. It is purely transformational experience in my view. Her approach towards mindfulness and the way she introduces and initiates an experience for her participants is a wonderful science in itself. I sincerely thank and highly recommended her, if you are looking for a mindfulness experience!

Meera Huddar

Founder at Connectance-People Development

I have known Jyothi for more than 10 years now, since I first met her at a travel writer’s workshop. Her free spirit, self-belief and great urge to discover herself, made me continue to remain connected with her. We came together again after a few years to share our passion for ‘Mindfulness’. Jyothi had immersed herself in learning ‘Mindfulness’ practice and she was eager to teach this great practice to more people, especially in schools.

I invited Jyothi to consult with Connectance-People Development, whenever she is free to offer the program in Mindfulness to various corporates. She has helped me to create programs that convey Mindfulness through ‘Time Management’ and ‘Stress Management’, which are issues constantly discussed in the companies.  These workshops have been appreciated and participants have often mentioned in the feedback discovering the importance of being mindful to live and work with happiness.

Jyothi is a skilled trainer and with her depth of knowledge in Mindfulness, she captures the attention of the class. I look forward to many more training sessions with her.

Vijay Batra

Leadership Coach &Soft Skills Facilitator(In-House & OBT) Colonel's Learning Cafe and Colonel's Leadership Spa

I have known Jyothi for a while as a colleague in the Learning and Development Fraternity. Recently I attended a Retreat on Mindfulness conducted by Jyothi and she very artfully organised my meeting with my inner self. It was a powerful session with meditations and conscious realignment despite habitual distractions in life. The soulful purpose was to be initiated into the world of Mindfulness and see everything from there. Self awareness being the start point to mindful journey of life in every aspect. My sincere gratitude to Jyothi for bringing everything so beautifully. Her calm, peaceful external manifestations helped a lot to draw the benefits of meditation sessions. I strongly recommend everyone to attend her retreat on Mindfulness to make their life meaningful, purposeful and peaceful in the emerging fast paced era.

Joanne Stockbridge

Psychologist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Prior Dean of Residential Life at KIS.

Jyothi’s presented with a deep knowledge, grace and passion for mindlessness to group of over 80 engaged school and residential staff at Kodaikanal International School in Tamil Nadu. The session was stimulating, while also relaxing and calming and provided a good introductory experience into the gentle power of mindfulness and its relevance to the aims and objectives of education and teaching staff.  Staff feedback was that the sessions created an enjoyable psychological space to begin re-considering the importance of personal wellbeing for themselves, the students and colleagues that they work with.  She also introduced the neuroscience, linking the mindful practices to the science of wellbeing at a level which matched the needs of the group. Above all the session provided a well presenting introduction to mindfulness which was tailored to the needs of the group and was also a lot of fun. Many thanks and blessings.

Jeyes J

Senior Manager(Training & Development) at Indian Oil Corporation Limited

The experience of going into Mindfulness Meditation state with the guidance of Jyothi Shyam sunder was penetrating. She is highly competent in connecting various dots for bringing one's mind to track. Needed by the current society in turmoil for peace to descend and envelope us. Jyothi takes you closer to yourself and successful in turning the pointer 'inwards' very quickly. Grateful.