Meet Jyothi Shyamsunder

In all East Asian Languages including Tibetan the word for Mind is the same as the word for Heart!
This is what excites her the most!

Jyothi Shyamsunder has been a Mindfulness and Compassionate Living teacher and counselor for many years now. She has done extensive research, study and teaching in Mindfulness and Neuroscience of Mindfulness. She currently renders mindfulness and compassionate leadership interventions for individuals, schools, parents, corporations, NGOs, sports and more. Her work involves working with clients with anxiety, stress, depression, relationship challenges, cancer and other mental and physical challenges. She has rendered Mindfulness interventions at companies like Air India, Robert Bosch, Yokogawa, BFW, Continental, Sling Media Pvt. Ltd., Arvind Lifestyle, Great West, Visa and more. Her program Cultivating Leadership Presence through Mindfulness (CLPM) has been instrumental in nurturing leadership with awareness at various organizations.

She develops content for some of the popular Mindfulness apps like Insight Timer and Aware by Round Glass. She facilitates retreats with secular Buddhist teachers and scholars in India and in a few countries outside. She is a part of the International Mindfulness Advisory Group (MAG) at the company Round Glass. She is involved in international projects on developing Universal Human Values and Ethics.

Recently she has been awarded Woman Leader with a Purpose and also has been a speaker at various conferences. She was chosen as a speaker at India’s First Mindfulness summit held at the India International Center (IIC), Delhi in September 2016. . She regularly writes for Business World’s wellbeing section. She has also been featured in Economic Times (ET) Prime and in various magazines.

By studies she is a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science and has also worked in the corporate sector for about7 years. Having experienced a steady growth in Compassion towards herself and others through the practice of mindfulness her interest grew in the Science of Compassion. This lead her into studying and doing research on how different contemplative traditions like Buddhism, our own Vedas and Western Psychology (in specific Interpersonal Neurobiology) view Compassion. In her journey she has been fortunate to have met His Holiness The Dalai Lama and discussed with him the importance of Mindfulness for the future of humanity; and she was humbled to be invited to be a small part of the Dalai Lama group to develop the Kindness Curriculum for the Emory University in the US. Her interest in Science of Mindfulness and Compassion has helped her connect with various neuroscientists and psychologists in different parts of the world.

She believes that ‘Compassion is not a lucky accident; it is a biological capability that can be strengthened through the practice of Mindfulness’.

Her religion is ‘Gratitude and Compassion’.

She invites all of you to share the Present Moment with her and discover why our own brains and hearts are indeed temples.