For Schools: Mindfulness and Compassion for Stress Reduction (MCSR) Practices for Teachers and Students

A Classroom with a Heart

This program benefits the whole person - the mind, body and emotions.. Techniques focus on the development of the whole person – awareness of the mind, body and emotions.

It helps positively impact both staff and student populations in schools. This program supports the development of core character traits such as empathy and awareness and enhances well-being. They also help to reduce stress, and to focus the mind and body.

Latest research findings say that a continuous practice of Mindfulness and Compassion

  • Benefits the whole person – the mind, body and emotions
  • Enhances the well-being of both students and teachers
  • Helps students to develop a greater awareness of their emotions and the feelings of others.
  • Particularly supports emotionally challenged students
  • Enhances student and teacher self-compassion in the classroom
  • Experiences enable students to effectively deal with stress
  • Develops a student’s ability to focus their attention and seems to enhance academic performance
  • Helps students to feel calm, peaceful and happy
  • Helps resolve conflicts
  • Enables general classroom teachers to gain new insights about their class
  • Benefit facilitators both professionally and personally
  • Helps teachers/facilitators manage stress
  • Helps facilitators to become more aware of teaching habits and behaviors
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